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Method of organization and management of projects

1 - Steering body and main operating principles

Steering includes activities related to the management and operational coordination of teams.

2 - Team mobilized for the success and piloting of services

Overall management of the service through a dedicated team led by a Project Director who is the main contact person.

3 - Monitoring of team members

Humans are at the heart of our services. We pay particular attention to training, understanding the client and knowing how to best integrate into the client's teams.

4 - Performance monitoring dashboards

Order activity tracking is sent by the Project Director with the project management dashboard

5 - Tooling and communication platform

Technical means and tooling used by LINAGORA teams necessary for the proper execution of all services.

(Twake, Linshare,, SmartSLA, Jitsi)

6 - Purchase order placement and management

Our extensive experience has allowed us to standardize our request management process

Request > Analysis, framing, exchange and quotation > Work production > Delivery > Validation.

7 - Customer satisfaction assessment

Parallel to the reporting on the quality of the service rendered, satisfaction surveys are systematically conducted at the end of the completion of each purchase order.

8 - Monitoring and quality assurance

Our monitoring and quality assurance approach seeks the quality of services, the respect of commitments and customer satisfaction.

Linagora's development teams master different project management methodologies: classic methods (MARAP) and agile methods.

Risk management with our 3-step methodology: Identify and analyze risks, deal with risks deemed unacceptable, ensure the monitoring and evaluation of the approach 

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