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Our vision is to become the most sustainable and ethical technology company in the world.

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At LINAGORA, we have made it our mission to invent and develop "GoodTech" to make the world a better place.

By "GoodTech" we mean free, ethical and open source software,
and by "TechForGood" we mean using that software
to create maximum positive impact for people, society and the planet.


Adriana explains it in video


To fulfill our mission and vision, we are working to develop 4 major goals:

Our Goals
  • Contribute to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through specific actions.
  • Achieve B-Corp certification.
  • Engage, empower and support the TechforGood community globally.
  • To become carbon negative by 2025 and eliminate historical carbon emissions by 2030.
Our methodology

Our methodology is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the B Corp certification framework.

We will use B-Corp's SDG Action Manager to set our goals, take action and track our progress.

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