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The "3rd digital way": freedom and independence

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LINAGORA is considered the French champion of free software publishing and a key player in French and European digital sovereignty.

A key player in French and European digital sovereignty

"3rd digital way"

Alexandre Zapolsky, its president, defends the principle of a "3rd digital way", respectful of users' rights, ethical, inclusive and sustainable, capable of providing an alternative to the offerings of American or Chinese giants.


Innovation, openness, sharing and respect for citizens, are the DNA of LINAGORA. Our experts transmit their culture of Free Software not only to other companies and professionals in the sector, but also to people far from employment, via the OPENHACKADEMY, a social training initiative.

  • "It is all together that we will build
    an ethical and responsible digital,
    respectful of our values"
    Alexandre Zapolsky
    Chairman and co-founder

To be free and independent from the web giants, we advocate a "3rd digital way".

The web giants have shown the world that Open Source is "the" way to invent the best digital services and applications (Google, Facebook, Amazon). Their incredible successes, based on Open Source technologies, have brought immense credibility to this ecosystem.

At LINAGORA we develop applications that respect the privacy of our customers and their users. We believe that a GAFAM free world is possible and we demonstrate it every day (Twake, Linshare, LinTo etc.)

Open source is a vital industry for building software and technology.
We are pioneers of digital freedom.


"I deeply believe that code is ART and that coders are artists."

Alexandre Zapolsky

Inspired by the desire for entrepreneurship

The success of LINAGORA has enabled many positive externalities and we are pleased that alumni have created their businesses.

Some examples: Merethis, inno3, The IT Makers, Matrem, Loxodata,...

  • Loxodata

    Loxodata supports its customers in their growth by taking charge of their projects related to PostgreSQL.

  • Rudder

    RUDDER is a French, open source and multi-platform solution that allows you to manage the configurations and compliance of your systems.

  • Inno 3

    Inno³ is an independent open innovation consulting firm specializing in Open Data and Open Source.


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