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Expertise and support

Bringing you our experience, our relationships and all our services for your projects around open source software.


Call on our expertise for the choice, integration and deployment of open source software in your company, whether for a one-time mission or as part of a long-term mission.


Generally on longer assignments, add our skills and experience by deploying our experts to your teams.


We accompany you punctually in integration of a software, in its installation, for an audit or for a training.

Advising you, operating at your side, developing for you and empowering you

Our various professional services are at your disposal to increase and facilitate the adoption of open source software within your organization.

  • Audit

    During the production (or pre-production) phases of applications using the software, software malfunctions, gaps in functional or performance terms may appear. The purpose of the audit is to highlight their nature and origin, and to propose corrective measures of a technical, functional or organizational nature. An audit can also be ordered with a view to improving and optimizing the functioning of the software, throughout the life cycle of the project. The purpose of the audit is therefore to measure to assess the performance of the software, in order to establish, if necessary, measures to optimize its operation.

    The audit is performed by a dedicated team whose members are selected on the basis of the required technical skills, and their role (project manager, architect, expert of the software involved, functional manager, consultant).

  • Opportunity Study

    The purpose of opportunity studies is to validate the feasibility of the functional evolutions desired by the client and their adoption by the software community before proceeding with the launch of development services.

    In fact, as a prerequisite to the development of a functional evolution, it is necessary to investigate with the open source community the opportunities and conditions for success of a reversal of the functionalities envisaged by the client.

    The study must ensure that the open source community will take over the code developed in the context of evolutionary maintenance.

    The study is conducted by a team whose members are selected on the basis of their skills on the functional area of open source software concerned by the evolutions and their knowledge of the key players in the community. LINAGORA, through these many contributors, has the access points to the communities to get in touch with them and exchange on the consideration of the evolutions desired by the customer in their software roadmap.

  • Implementation Study

    This type of service plays a key role because it allows the client to conduct the preliminary study work, following the detection of the opportunity to use one or more open source software in a given context (new need, optimization of an existing system, migration of a proprietary system that is obsolete or has become too costly, etc.).

    The study is carried out by a dedicated team whose members are selected on the basis of the technical skills required, and their role (project manager, architect, expert in the software involved, functional manager, consultant).

  • Implementation assistance

    This service is often a logical follow-up to the open source implementation study service. This service consists of the actual insertion of open source software into the client's IS while ensuring compliance with the set requirements (functional, performance, operability). The service includes the implementation of the required parameterization and configuration and the tests to verify compliance with the requirements defined by the customer.

  • Operations Assistance

    This service aims to assist the client's staff in operating an IT service performed using an open source software stack that is critical to the client.

    This consists, through preventive and regular actions, in preventing the occurrence of incidents that could alter the functioning of the software and, when an incident occurs, in being able to investigate the device in depth, to diagnose it quickly and to propose corrective measures.

  • Developments

    This service is intended to take place after an opportunity study that will have validated the likelihood of this evolution being taken up by the community in subsequent versions of the software.

    All open source components available in their public and standard version are not directly suitable to fulfill all the requirements requested by the customer. This service allows him to have a modified free component, in adequacy with his specific needs in terms of ergonomics, functionalities, performances or exploitability.

  • Monitorings

    Monitorings are for the client a success factor for the integration of open source software within its information system. By aiming to give itself the necessary means for the accompaniment of its teams, the client promotes the appropriation of free technologies while allowing them to acquire the autonomy necessary for the installation, configuration, operation, administration and use of free software.

    LINAGORA involves consultants who have "senior" profiles (5 years of seniority minimum) justifying a similar experience (training, monitoring) focused on the tool or failing that, on the same category of products as the tool subject of the purchase order.


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