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Twake Q2.505: New and Improved Channels, Improved Security Features and Much More!

June 21 2021

We are delighted to unveil Twake v2021.Q2.505, which includes a slew of new features and enhancements. After the pedal-to-the-floor launch of the cloud version of Twake in January 2021, our product teams have been working hard to deliver some impactful updates. We assembled a breakdown of the most essential updates for this release, so you don’t miss a beat.

If you wish to see the original release list, click here!

New and Improved Channels

We have made several substantial updates to channels to improve the user experience. Some of the major highlights are:

  • You can now join or leave channels with ease.
  • We have updated the access rights for channel creation so that everyone in your team can create a channel according to their needs.
  • Favorite direct channels - add your direct channels to favorites.
  • Channel Groups are back! You can create groups of channels to organize your workspace.
  • Channel members list: see who is in a channel and manage members.
  • You can now set a channel as default; all new users to the workspace will be automatically added to this channel.

Better onboarding Image

Better onboarding of new users!

We have improved the onboarding experience of new users with features like:

  • Add colleagues button on Twake product.
  • New users will automatically join the channels open to everyone.
  • Invite collaborators to Twake by using console management.
  • You can now invite users external to your organization as guests directly to a Channel.

Improved privacy and security features

‘Privacy and Security’ is one of our four product development pillars. To improve your data privacy in line with the GDPR we have made some changes to our product:

  • We have changed our servers from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to OVH Cloud, located in France.
  • We have migrated from PHP to NodeJS for a faster and lighter server and made it compatible with MongoDB.
  • Moved from socketcluster to for more robust web-sockets.


Now you only receive badge notifications for threads you follow and when you are mentioned. For other messages in a channel, the channel text will be in bold.

What’s Next?

These updates are just the beginning; we are working on more features every day so that you can get best results from using Twake. Here are some of the exciting updates you want to keep an eye on:

  • File Shared View: You will see what files have been shared in a Channel until a specified date.
  • Message Pinning: You will be able to keep your critical messages pinned for everyone to see.
  • LinShare Integration: LinShare is our file sharing and storage software, and we are integrating it with Twake. You will be able to share and store your files securely through LinShare.

Do you want to be part of our journey?

If you would like to see a feature or improvement in the next version of Twake, please head over to our Github page and create an issue, or just head over to our public forum and let us know what you are thinking. We would be happy to make sure that we consider your favourite feature request in our product roadmap.


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