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LUX: Linagora universal Unit for support and eXpertise


LUX, Linagora universal Unit for support and eXpertise

The LUX (Linagora Universional Unit for Support and expertise) is a universal software unit that allows you to contract with LINAGORA for all our services, whether consulting, expertise and OSSA, our software insurance model or training.

The LUX is a platform and OS independent model. It allows, in the framework of OSSA, to contract on a software unit, and thus to have access to OSSA services on a software whatever its version (even community end-of-life), whatever the OS, and the hardware architecture.

Moreover, the number of LUX needed to ensure a software is independent of the number of deployed instances (or nodes) and the number of users, it only varies according to the complexity of the software (simple, medium, complex, very complex - defined in our catalogue) and the expected level of service: SLA of the contract and availability outside working hours for example.

The LUX operating principles are very simple:

The model is simple and flexible. You buy a pack of LUX. Each LINAGORA product or service is equivalent to a number of LUX. With this new software unit you can contract with LINAGORA as and when you need it.

LUX process

How long are my LUX valid for?

The LUX are valid for one year. However, if at the end of the year you have not finished using your LUX, they remain valid for another 6 months on consulting or expertise services.

LINAGORA’s software catalogue coupled with the LUX allow you to carry out all the IT projects you need.


  • No version constraints
  • A single unit for all support and service needs
  • Possibility of reusing unused LUX for the following year for services during 6 months


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