• Our mission :
  • bug hunting, support,
  • assistance and Open Source
  • lifecycle management
  • from Open Source experts !


OSSA fundamentals

Hundreds of Free Software supported!

Throw any software at us, we got it covered!

LINAGORA supports nearly all widely used open source software in any domains, from the lowest level of infrastructure (OS, virtualization) to webservers, CMS and office tools.

The whole list can be browsed on our dedicated website and is not limitative!


Keep track and control on your issues

LINAGORA OSSA team follows a strict methodology.

1. Our servers are all located in a professionally secure local, with strict access policy and regular control.

2. At the start of your subscription, we create a reference platform mimicking your production environment, to reproduce your issues as fast and precisely as possible.

3. We commit to answer, reproductibility time and fix times, depending on chosen subscription and issue gravity. All is detailed in your subscription so you know exactly what you pay for.


Close to you

Our support team works closely with our other teams and software communities to be as fast and efficient as possible.

You get a permanent access with real-time follow through our TOSCA support platform, available at www.08000linux.com.


Sharing bugfixes for everyone's benefit

LINAGORA cares to contribute bugfixes back to open source communities as often as possible. As long as the bugfix is not tightly coupled to your environment, we propose our workaround or bugfix to the community of the related software.

This is conform to open source spirit, and beneficial to everyone:

1. The community, as it spares it some time to invest on other bugs or developing features.

2. Yourself, as the bugfix will often be integrated, preventing the bug to reappear in later versions of software.

Of course, we respect our client's confidentiality, that's why we strip any proposal of contribution of any element that could provide information or identity on your environment.

OSSA Expertises

"All inclusive" OSSA

Anything, anywhere, whenever, we shield you.

Full commitment to results and Service Level Agreement for a flat-rate price.

  • Flat-rate annual price for support.
  • Unlimited demands.
  • Optional technology intelligence on subscribed softwares.
  • Optional 24h/7d support.

"À la carte" OSSA

Just what you need for the right price.

Adaptable subscription to cover most potent risks.

  • Capped number of tickets.
  • Limited number of bugfixes.
  • Optional technology intelligence on subscribed software.
  • Optional 24/7 support.


LINAGORA is willing to devise with you on a custom OSSA subscription to cover more special use-cases: custom softwares, high-availability, webmastering, etc.

Contact us to expose your needs and get a proposition.

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