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OBM is an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution, built for the cloud, both public and private. With the new OBM 3 web interface, we offer the most productive messaging experience available today.
OBM is a very powerful solution and a real success story in France. With more than 1 000 000 mailboxes running in large institutions and corporations, OBM is the best Open Source answer to develop collaboration pratices and leverage effective communication.
OBM adoption trend
OBM allows you to have a state of the art messaging and collaboration solution at a 10 times less total cost of ownership (TCO) than comparable legacy platforms.

OBM Features

Rich and usefull Webmail

  • Integration of email, contacts and calendar available in the same interface
  • View inbox by message or by thread
  • Drag and drop messages into folders
  • Address Auto completion in TO, CC & CCI fields
  • Drafts autosave
  • Drag and drop attachments from the desktop
  • Shared mailboxes : grant others Acess, View, or Manage rights
  • Server-side filters using Sieve (e.g. : mail forwarding)
  • Out of Office message management with scheduling support
  • Instant Messaging integration
  • Extensible via plugins, develop your own feature and contribute it !

Access your messages anywhere, anytime and on any device

  • Get the same powerful OBM experience on web interface and free email client for Windows, Mac or Linux desktops like Thunderbird
  • IMAP synchronization to Thuderbird 10+ with full delegate, offline access and support for S/MIME
  • IMAP synchronization to outlook 2003/2007/2010 with full delegate, offline access and support for S/MIME

Available soon

  • S/MIME encryption and signature support
  • Full text search on attachments
  • Upload email attachments directly in LINSHARE !

Rich calendar designed for the enterprise

  • Multi view systems : day, week, month and list views with printing features
  • Drag and drop events to change date, time or duration
  • Toggle visibility and color code multiple schedules and events
  • Mark events public, private, confidential
  • Mark events free or busy
  • Multi calendars and multi users views with stored personal views
  • Calendars management : personal, groups, resources with workflow acceptation
  • Shared mailboxes : grant others Acess, View, or Manage rights
  • Availability search :  Free / Busy allows to see participants availability on a time line.
  • Support external iCal calendars
  • Rights and delegations management
  • Choose locations, resources and add attachments
  • Configurable pop-up, email and SMS reminders [SMS reminders????]
  • Fully customizable repeating event settings with exceptions
  • Full-text search
  • Import / export of ICS files

Synchronization and Mobility

  • Smartphones iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPad sync through Micorsoft Activesync protocol
  • Interoperable with Microsoft Exchange 2007 / 2010 through a dedicated OBM connector

Available soon

  • Event updates full history


  • Multi adressbook support (enterpise GAL, personal adressbook...)
  • Auto-collection of addresses
  • Rich multi-valued fields management (contact information, photos...)
  • Public, private and shared Address Books
  • Private or shared Distribution lists
  • Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird and smartphones
  • Advanced search for users

Available soon

  • Social profile support

Easy, productive online meetings

  • Set up a online meeting directly through your OBM calendar with just one click
  • Webcam support with multiple resolution availability
  • Connect using your computer's built-in audio. Or use a headset or microphone, and computer speakers.
  • The current speaker's video image is automatically featured in the focused frame
  • Start a private chat or send a message to everyone in your meeting
  • Whiteboard : use sketch tools to highlight parts of a shared document or application.
  • Record and Playback

Web conferencing and videoconferencing applications

  • Share everything you need is in one place
  • Share your computer's entire desktop, or anything on it
  • Share file (Powerpoint presentation, a PDF, even a video clip)


  • Boost productivity with a rich, useful and efficient web interface
  • Stay connected anywhere on any smartphone or other device with automatic sync [peut-être ajouter une mention indiquant que la liste exhaustive des périphériques supportés est disponible sur le site obm.org]
  • Work online or offline with clients such as Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook
  • Integrate with external directories for authentication, address lists and provisioning

Easy web Administration

  • AJAX Web central Administration Console enables administrating OBM from anywhere
  • Integrated anti-Spam, antivirus and directory services (LDAP, Active Directory)
  • Cross-mailbox discovery and archiving for regulatory compliance
  • Manage end-user features, quotas, storage policies via Class-of-Service (CoS)

Advanced features

  • Run OBM Server natively on hardware or virtualized architecture
  • Fully supports multi-tenancy and delegated administration for hosting and service providers
  • Mailbox backup and restore available for administors and users using hierarchical storage management (HSM)
  • SSO, CAS, SAML, smartcard authentication

Available soon

  • Out-of-the-box integrated click-to-call, visual voicemail, chat and presence

License and Business Model

We love Open Source Software. OBM is a « Libre » & Free software. The OBM license is an official GNU Affero General Public License version 3.

You have the fully ability to use and develop OBM freely and without to pay any licence. OBM is 100 % free of charge.

OBM is 100 % free of charge

OBM is 100 % free of chargeThe only one obligation you have in using the Free and Open Source version of OBM is to keep the Appropriate Legal Notices described in Articles 5 and 7 of the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 licence :

  •     OBM "Libre and Free" logo should appear as a clearly readable header in the top left of the interface window.
  •     The information box stating "You are using the "Libre & Free " version of OBM developed by LINAGORA. Contribute to OBM R & D by subscribing to Entrerprise support offer!" should appear as a clearly legible banner, top right in the menu bar in the window interface.


However OBM is avalaible for free, we encourage you strongly to contribute to OBM development and evolutions by purchasing a support contract.

OBM’s technical support team works in tandem with the R&D team to follow such changes in order to help organizations adapt and get the best out of their messaging platform.  To this end, LINAGORA complements its product offers and specialized technical expertise with support that covers anything from tips and advice to exploitation and optimization.



OBM Technical Support Services provide direct access to our expert OBM Support engineers who are ready to assist you in the development, deployment, and management of OBM installations.


Basic Business-Hours support only, not intended for high-visibility production platforms.



For production systems and urgent assistance with high priority access to our R&D team.



Ideal for high-visibility production platforms in Business Hours or 24x7. High commitments.



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