• LinID provides a robust
  • web-administrable IAM stack
  • with intuitive front-ends and SSO,
  • making life easier for users and
  • administrators alike.

LinID Features


With LinID Directory Server, get a renowned LDAP server with improved user interface and administration tools.

  • High Availaibility and Scaling
  • LDAPv3 support
  • Password policy
  • Web administration


With LinID Access&Federation Manager, get detailed control over apps access and ensure easy authentication.

  • RBAC, ORBAC or plain groups-based access control.
  • Single Sign-On authentication.
  • Easy integration with web applications (CMS, portals, EDM).
  • Identity Federation support (SAML 2.0).


With LinID Directory Manager, use tailored interfaces.

  • Delegation of data management.
  • Workflows.
  • Ready to use interfaces for commons identity objects.


Connect everything and keep users and access unified for your whole infrastructure.

  • LDAPv3 directories synchronization.
  • Active Directory support.
  • Call to REST API and scripts.

Customer stories

LinID Ecosystem

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Thursday, February 12, 2015 - 09:00
Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 09:00

LinID License & Mod

As all LINAGORA solutions, LinID stack is fully free.

LinID Directory Server: OpenLDAP licence (~BSD) + GPL-licensed scripts

LinID Directory Manager: AGPLv3

LinID Access&Federation Manager: GPL

LinID Provisioning Manager: 2-clauses BSD